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Martha Campbell - lead vocals
Diego Montoya - guitars
Luis Osorio - guitars
Rob Stokes - Bass / vocals
Hermes Reyes - drums



The band had its beginnings in 2016. Coming from different places and with different musical influences, we came together to create a sound that was unexpected. The band was formed by bassist Rob Stokes (Dublin Ireland), guitarist Diego Montoya (Cali, Colombia), and guitarist Alejandro Maya (Cali, Colombia). Originally, they were a melodic death metal band called At Odds With God. Moving in a new direction, they recruited the talents of lead vocalist Nestor Aguirre (Managua, Nicaragua), and drummer Hermes Reyes  (Cali, Colombia), now calling themselves Mannequinkind.  


     Under the first lineup, the band produced their first self-titled EP which contained 3 songs. 



• Topple Our Metropolis


• Of Noble Birth


• Mannequinkind 



       In 2019, Mannequinkind saw the departure of Nestor Aguirre who was replaced by Martha Campbell (Managua, Nicaragua), an opera singer who brought a new sound with different vocal techniques and musical influences. In 2020, the band once again suffered the departure of one of its members, guitarist Alejandro Maya, who was replaced by Luis Osorio (Bogota, Colombia), former member of the legendary Death Metal band Neurosis from Colombia. The band chose their name, Mannequinkind, at the suggestion of Rob Stokes. The name Mannequinkind is an allegory for how the human race that has lost its essence, and become a product of materialism, pride, apathy and ambition. We have become an empty shell of our former self. 


     The band has currently released its latest EP under the new line-up. Our latest effort is called “War Games" and is available on different platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Band Camp, YouTube and Deezer.



Song order: 


• Antebellum 


• War Games


• Medical Mafia 


• At Full Capacity 


• You Make Me Sick 



Description of our sound: 


Guitars inspired by melodic death metal, black metal, thrash metal, power metal with progressive time changes and neo-classical passages. You will hear sporadic keyboards and aggressive drums with blast beats and double pedal.  Solidifying the sound is the blend of angelic female vocals and demonic male vocals. 


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